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Hi Stephen !!

Finally, the link to your site did work ! Just after midnight 29/6, I
got access to Scholl Shrine. My compliments, Stephen !  It looks great,
I love it ! You did a great job. I have seen that it's still under
construction, as some links did not work yet.
But that's understandable in the first stage. You have included
wonderful pics. I always like exercise sandal pics, but they are even
sexier when they are worn by pretty women. You must have collected many
fashion brochures.
I can only encourage you to go on this way.
I will sign your guestbook a.s.a.p. as it is very late now. Maybe I can
contribute to your site in a later stage.
All the best from a passionate fellow Scholl´s and Berkemann lover and

kind regards,


Hi Stephen,Just visited your page; looks absolutely fantastic!!! A very welcome
addition for the x-sandals loving community! Keep up the great work!
Best regards,


Hi Steve,
you really did it. You've shown everybody what you are capable of! And if
this is only the beginning...
Now here is my birthday gift to your page: It's unique Dr Super-pic, bet you
haven't seen it.
Congratulations, and a promise is a promise, i.e. you'll be on the my link
list soon. You belong there.
It does flatter me that you've put me up front, it does.

Congratulations and hugs from :


hi stephen...great so far....
little large on the backgrounds and 
I cant see your pics.....are you working on it? 


Hello, Xena
My name is Basilio.Me to write from Granada, in Spain, Europe.
You to excuse my not well English one, but me to try to communicate with
you. O.K.?Me to see your page web (fantastic!!!), and to read your personal
comments. Me to make happy a lot, because me to believe that us to have
many things in common.
Me also to be male, 41 years, heterosexual, but when me to put in my
feet Dr.Scholl's and wooden clogs, to leave something of my special one,
my "woman part ". Me also to have two daughters, of 8 and 3 years, and
also my daughters to like to take wooden clogs!. Me profession
psychologist's being and sociologist, and for it my mind to be veryopen...
To me to like all the wooden shoes, but my favorite ones are also the
sandals of exercise of the Dr. Scholl's (and Berkemann). Me to use
exercise sandals from the 14 years, and also clogs to leave to the
street. When adolescent, to not have problems with number, but now to
not be anything easy to get Dr. Scholl's of my number.
Me to see in your page all the new colors of Dr. Scholl's. In Europe
only to find beige and red (this summer), but none of the fantastic
colors that me to see in your page, and, also, only to arrive to the
number 41 (a 10 of it U.SA.). Me to use number 42, that is to say, the
11 of U.S.A. Me to buy two couples of sandals few days ago in Internet
(Shoe Island, The Clog Shop by The Clog Page), but to be normal colors,
of skin, some in white color and others in red color. Me to not find for
any place, in number 11, the fantastic colors of numbuck, of those that
me to be very, very, in love.
You to know where to be able to buy in number 11 in numbuck colors?.
Me to dream of them positions in my feet and to feel the sensation of
walking down the street... ˇfantastics!
Me to have models Dr. Scholl's planes and the traditional of half heel.
The plane models I believe that alone to sell in Europe. Me to never see
in pages web of other countries, neither of U.S.A. The plane pattern is
manufactured in man's numbers and woman. Here in Europe they are
considered an unisex model, so much stops man as for woman. But alone
they are manufactured in two or three colors (beige, brown).
To be curious a fact of the pattern of half heel. As you to know, all
the Dr. Scholl's to manufacture in Italy. Because well, if you to
compare the number 42 (equivalent at 11) that to manufacture to sell in
Europe to be a little more small of longitude than the 42 (11) that to
manufacture to sell in U.S.A. that to be some longer millimeters. In
short, to have a difference of 4-5 millimeters (of 26,9 to 27,5
centimeters). It to be for the different mensuration form. Therefore,
the models of you to buy in Europe to be a little smaller. In my case,
the number 42 of Europe to be a little small in my foot (and to be,
also, a number very, very difficult of getting), but their equivalent
one in U.S.A., the 11, to be perfect for me.
Also to have other small differences among the sandals Dr. Scholl's of
Europe and U.S.A.
The sandals that to manufacture to sell in Europe to have some higher
millimeters the heel (2-3 millimeters), and also in the rest of the
height of the sandal (1-2 millimeters). If to see the profile sandal,
the pattern made for Europe give sensation of more wood", even more
consistent and more solid. Me to explain?.
To not be this way in another type of sandals, as Original of Berkemann
that alone to make a numeration to sell in the entire world. This way,
the number 42 (your 11) to measure as the 11 of the Dr. Scholl's of
U.S.A. The models of Berkemann to be a little more than longitude and of
width that the rest of makers of clogs of Europe.
Good, me to wait that you scribe. It would be fantastic to establish
relationship of friendship among us.
Please, if to know where to be able to buy models of numbuck of the
number 11 Dr. Scholl's, you to say. O.K.?.To receive cordial greeting

Hi Xena:

Just saw your site today. Very Good!! I know it represents a lot of hard

I have a question for you. Does anybody in the US sell those clogs from
your Clog Gallery? There are some really nice ones that I have not seen
here before.



Hi Xena,
Congratulations on your new web page. I'll take a closer look at it when I
have more time. I do want to point out that Tripod does offer a free
counter in case you weren't aware of it.
By the way, I checked out all the free web hosting sites and my choice by
far is Xoom which you can see at:
They have tons of really cool tools and are all free. But the thing I like
the most about Xoom is they tell you where your hits are comming from. If I
had to do it over again, this is where I would go. I recommend switching to
Xoom before you submit your page to all the search engines and directories.



How are things doing Stephen?  I enjoy the site and am sending you some pictures
that you might like.
People were asking about availability in North America of some of the clogs on
your clog page.  We can supply most of the styles shown there for people who
would want them.


Your "mod*.jpg" pics contain some of the best ever,
you struck on the right magazines there!
Those pics just blew my mind! 
Great stuff! 

Anyway, white scholls on beautiful women rule! 

Here are some for you in attach, 
hope you like them. 
the girl diva is some italian chick that apparently likes to show off her body and feet, 
she likes scholls type of clogs and had already 6 or 7 pairs of them.
She featured on some feet sites. 
Perhaps you can persuade her to have an exclusive scholls section
on your page: 

Perhaps try to persuade other feet fetish women,
or regular women out there to do the same.
What about a street sightings page with tips for good 

Also make a "what's new page" + make thumbnails
of the images so
that the whole page doesn't have to load each time you want
to view the latest pics. 
Also the my pics gallery didn't work but you probably know by now. 

Please continue your mission.
You definitely out did all of the other sites,
now you're king man!
Hope you update the page more frequently than
for example the unofficial scholls page... 

Hi Stephen,
glad to see you so enthusiastic. That's a  prerequisite for success.
You imbue me with your compliments, I really blush.
As for the pic that I sent you, and where it's from ? "I spy with my little
I have no rights to it. It appeared in a Japanese mag, and so it is public.
So it's up to you to post it.
Your link is on my page, Stephen, pretty on top, where it belongs.
It must have taken you years to collect all the material that  you display.
By the way, I am also very much in favour of your personal introduction, you
found the right words.
What I do hope is that people will not only take advantage of your good work,
but be generous to you and send you lots of pics.
I'll certainly enter your guestbook soon.
Greetings, webmaster,


I have just checked out your Schollshrine site and it is magnificent, so far!
I am a str8 25 year old guy from London and 
I am totally obsessed about wooden heeled Scholl exercise sandals!

If I see a woman (or man)in them, I can't help staring!
Although I can't bring myself to wear a pair,
I think what you are doing is incredibly brave.
I respect that. 

I was wondering. Do your wife or daughters wear Scholls?
You could use them as models. That way you target a larger audience
and start a revolution for more people (even guys) wearing Scholls. 

My wife Louise wears them, but only for my private pleasure.
She is aware of my Scholl and foot fetish,
but she wont submit photos for the Internet. 

good work. 
Keep it up! 

Clive de Silva 

    I found the site at schollshrine/index.htm.  It looks good and you have a
number of photos that I hadn't seen before.  Yo uwere asking about exercise
sandals from here.  If you want  some, we have some here for you.  I had a
question for you.  The blue sandals in ad2.jpg are any of those type still
available in Britain?  I haven't seen any here and a customer is looking for
something like that.Jim

Hi Stephen,Just visited your page; looks absolutely fantastic!!! A very welcome
addition for the x-sandals loving community! Keep up the great work!
Best regards,